Advent in Art 2014 Devotions

Note: This group was for Advent 2014. Feel free to enjoy the art and conversations are always open.

Advent is the four-Sunday period before Christmas Day. It marks the start of a new Christian Year and is traditionally used by the Western Church worldwide to reflect on the coming of Christ. Advent – ‘to reach for’, ‘to come’ – has to do with waiting and hopeful expectation. Advent is the time Christians look forward: to celebrating the birth of Christ and also, ultimately, to the return of Christ.

Waiting through Advent is far from passive. It is also far more than the frenetic activity of preparing presents and food for Christmas Day. Our waiting is a discipline. An active preparation of our hearts and desires to celebrate the coming of God among people on earth: God moving into our neighbourhood in the person of Jesus.

Through Advent we discipline ourselves to take time to remember the incredible story of God coming to earth as a human, and to reflect on our own response to that event. Advent keeps Christmas on Christmas Day and holds back the efforts of our culture to have Christmas rolled out weeks early.

I would be delighted to hear if this space has been useful or not, and how you used it.

My grateful thanks to artist He Qi for allowing us to use images of his works. He Qi (hu chee) was born in China and discovered art during the Cultural Revolution. He works in Chinese ink and Japanese gouache on a rice-paper like material and lives in the USA.

Advent in Art is a project of World Vision New Zealand for the spiritual nurture of their staff.

Mark Pierson
Christian Commitments Manager
World Vision New Zealand


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We need Advent to keep us from having Christmas too soon.
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November 30, 2014
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This space on iKlesia has been prepared to help you reflect on that story through Advent, and to look forward to Christmas Day and the Christmas Season (post Christmas Day).
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I encourage you to find four candles and to repeatedly light one as often as you can in the first week; in week two light two candles, and so on. The traditional colour for Advent is violet or dark blue – the colour of royalty. You may like to find a piece of violet or blue cloth or paper to place your candles on, or to use violet/blue/purple candles. A fifth candle – a white Christ candle – can be used for Christmas Day and the 12 Days of Christmas that follow until January 6. You can read the full story of Christmas in the Bible in the books of Matthew and Luke in chapters 1 and 2 of each.
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