Borrow my Tools

In this space, members list tools that they are willing to share within their local region (or further if they will pay for shipping). It is thought that many of the tools we need would be available by someone else nearby.

Purpose of the Space
To share with one another the tools we use to work around the house. In this way we behave as the family of God.
Space Start Date
May 6, 2015
Space End (if known)
May 6, 2015
Welcome Text
If you would like to share tools, then you came to the right place! Share your tools, and then borrow other people's tools. It is expected that you return the tools in the time allotted to you for the tools.
Format - How does the Space work?
In this space, each person lists tools that they make available or sharing. They may inquire and borrow the tool, and then return it after they have used it. Both the one sharing and the one receiving will rate the experience for future engagements down the road.

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Christian Practice
  • Community
  • Hospitality, Generosity
What interests does this space address?
What spiritual gifts might be expressed among the members in this space?
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