Weʼre passionate about converting entrepreneurial vision into thriving new communities of disciples. Our sole focus is to cultivate and accelerate the work of Christ-following leaders.

  • We nurture growth. We are not the right fit for everyone. We cross boundaries of denomination, culture, style, and worldview without hesitation because of our larger vision.
  • Weʼre unafraid to face local cultures in creative, insightful ways. We are serial entrepreneurs.
  • We are a perpetual start-up. We will never stop encouraging leaders with intensity and zeal.

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Monday, February 16 2015

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Purpose of the Space
To provide the support and capacity for leaders to start Christ-following communities among people who think church is irrelevant.
Space Start Date
February 16, 2015
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It’s a movement, not an organization. We believe that God is doing something new in our time. New forms of church are emerging. We seek to facilitate this movement. If God is calling you to form a Christ-following community in the United States, we want to connect.
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Bridges Nurtures Leaders of Christ Following Communities

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We nurture leaders for Christ-following communities. We plant ourselves, not churches. We join their community, not make them join ours. We dig for the gospel, not bring the gospel. We bless their community, not ask them to bless ours. We make disciples first, not worship services. Because their community is our community. Bridge Leaders build Bridges among those outside existing churches. They experiment with new ways of being the church in the USA, utilizing the best of missionary practice in the mission field of our own communities. Our vision is to nurture thousands of Bridge leaders who will cultivate 100 Christ-following communities in the Greater LA and 1000 on the West Coast in the next 10 years by 2021. Existing churches work for the 30-40% who go. For everyone else, we need Bridges. Join the movement. Start Bridging today. Bridges Nurtures Leaders of Christ-Following Communities We’ll meet you at the starting point and journey with you towards creating a thriving new Christ-following community. If you have the passion and determination, God can use you. When you journey through the Bridges ‘A-C-T-S’ process, amazing things are possible. Here’s what you can expect from the Bridges ACTS approach: Assessment, Coaching, Training, Support.
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