Civil Debate

In this space, we will have civil Christian discussions about hot social, economic, political, or theological issues. Although vast differences may exist between those on both sides of the debate, it will be recognized at the outset that these are brothers and sisters in the body of Christ with whom we are differing. So, these are family squabbles that must be couched within a space and a community of love.

Purpose of the Space
To facilitate debate on contentious issues within the body of Christ, all within a context of love and respect.
Space Start Date
May 4, 2015
Space End (if known)
May 4, 2015
Welcome Text
If you would like to facilitate a discussion on a contentious issue for the body of Christ, you have come to the right place.
Format - How does the Space work?
This space may host quite a number of contentious issues for the body of Christ to discuss. However, if issues get too large, then a new space may be created for that issue alone. Discussions, blogs, media, and chats may be used to facilitate the discussion.

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Christian Practice
  • Community
  • Dialogue on Contentious Issues
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contentious issue
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