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I have created an experimental space where I host some online conversations about the previous Sunday’s scripture & sermon, opening it up for deeper dialogue. If you have time throughout the week and want to respond with your own thoughts, comments, questions go for it. 
My hope is to make the process of listening, dialoging, and creating content for Sunday more community-based and participatory. I feel I learn so much from each of you and am interested in where God is leading us as a group. I also believe that learning is best done when we act upon the subject matter in some way.



hi everyone

Sher Hendrix
I don't necessarily taste truth. I just know how I feel when I'm in a truthful situation. I'm not afraid .
Wess Daniels
Hi Sheri! Good to see you on here. I added you to the group so you can scroll down and see the other discussion posts. They are broken up by dates.
Feb 11 2015 - 5:48pm
Wess Daniels
And I like what you've said. I think there's a kind of gut feeling for me. If I feel free, clear, light - even if it's something I don't like - it's more likely that it's truth in my experience.
Feb 11 2015 - 5:48pm
Henry Sessions
Appears I have signed up. is there any content here aside from Wess's 2/4 message?
Wess Daniels
Hey Henry! You're in. I've added you to the group. It's currently private so you can see the other activity. If you scroll down below now, you'll see the rest of the content.
Feb 11 2015 - 5:47pm
Wess Daniels's picture
Wess Daniels
I'm excited to see a number of people signed up in this group. If you have a couple minutes today consider what truth "tastes" like to you?

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Welcome to our online discussion page. Here you will have the opportunity to engage with the biblical passage that we're studying for the week. Feel free to jump in and offer your own thoughts, questions and experiences. Everyone's viewpoint is to be honored. Please keep comments constructive and positive.
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