Divorce - Healing and Support

In this space, we support one another who have shared similar experiences in divorce. It is a prayer group, a resource group, a group for healing.

Purpose of the Space
To create a space where one can be healed, restored, and liberated from the entire experience of divorce.
Space Start Date
November 20, 2015
Space End (if known)
November 20, 2016
Welcome Text
Welcome to Divorce- Healing and Support. If you are looking for healing and support from others who have shared similar experiences -- please join us.
Format - How does the Space work?
This is a a support group - so we will have weekly discussions, a group blog together, a place to share recent experiences of healing, etc. It is an ongoing group.

There is no content in this space.

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  • Addictions and Recovery, Support, Care, Counseling
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