Pray for World AIDS day

World AIDS day, every year on December 1, is a day to all aspects of the AIDS pandemic. Over 35 million people have died from AIDS, and over 35 million people live with HIV today. Two million die each year from AIDs, and 270,000 are children (from Wikipedia)

Here is a prayer space (through adding comments below) to honor those who have passed on, to pray for those with the disease, to seek guidance for next steps, or to commit to a way of action. 



God, I lift up all the families and loved ones of those who have died of AIDS in the last thirty years or so -- I pray for comfort for each one of them as they remember the one they have lost. For those currently struggling with HIV, I pray for strength, encouragement, wisdom, and healing. I pray for the structures that prevent medicines getting to the ones who need it - I pray that the systems will yield to the Kingdom of God and people will receive the meds they need. I pray for the researchers and funding so that better and less costly meds will be developed and distributed. 

God I thank you for your love for each person impacted by AIDS and your availability to sustain us in every way. 

In the name of the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit,