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Addiction and Recovery

In this space, those struggling with addictions and those in recovery can fellowship, encourage, support, and pray one another. This is a general space, if those want to create a space focused on a particular addiction, then they are encouraged to do so.

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Advent in Art 2014 Devotions

Note: This group was for Advent 2014. Feel free to enjoy the art and conversations are always open.

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Adventures in Christ

This is a twenty-something online fellowship (mostly!) where we our share adventures of how are living in the world for Christ. We upload media, blog, and talk about outlanding things we are doing. We might arrange meetups around the world for particular adventures - -be it outdoors or urban.

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Agape Feast

In this space, we seek to create an agape feast online for all of our members. Through video, audio, and text chats, through videos or photos, we seek to share a meal, online. We are a global community, so a face-to-face experience may not be possible, but through creative uses of local foods, we might be able to share a virtual online agape feast.

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Bike Share

In this space, members, share their bikes with other members who need to borrow them. If you need to borrow a bike, or desire to loan your bike out, this is the place!

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Book Group - Reading Richard Rohr's Immortal Diamond

This is an online space where we will read a devotional book together -- Richard Rohr's Immortal Diamond. 

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Borrow my Car

In this space, we share cars with others who need to borrow it for a period of time. Each member will offer up their car for others to use, and then others will borrow them as they need.

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Borrow my Tools

In this space, members list tools that they are willing to share within their local region (or further if they will pay for shipping). It is thought that many of the tools we need would be available by someone else nearby.

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Brandon Jackson Memorial Scholarship

Welcome to Brandon Jackson Memorial Scholarship Space! In this space, we plan and implement the annual Brandon Jackson memorial tournament.

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Weʼre passionate about converting entrepreneurial vision into thriving new communities of disciples. Our sole focus is to cultivate and accelerate the work of Christ-following leaders.

  • We nurture growth. We are not the right fit for everyone. We cross boundaries of denomination, culture, style, and worldview without hesitation because of our larger vision.
  • Weʼre unafraid to face local cultures in creative, insightful ways. We are serial entrepreneurs.
  • We are a perpetual start-up. We will never stop encouraging leaders with intensity and zeal.

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Care for Creation

In this space, we seek to take action on creation care. We will support one another's efforts in bringing understanding to the church and the world regarding care for God's precious gift of creation. We will support initiatives, engagements, and efforts at restoring creation.

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Children's Online Space

In this space, kids 5-12 can be together to share stories, media, read the bible and pray for one another.

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Civil Debate

In this space, we will have civil Christian discussions about hot social, economic, political, or theological issues. Although vast differences may exist between those on both sides of the debate, it will be recognized at the outset that these are brothers and sisters in the body of Christ with whom we are differing. So, these are family squabbles that must be couched within a space and a community of love.

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Closet Share

In this space, we share our closets. So, clothes, shoes, accessories that we have in our closets we share with the other members in this space. Members are free to borrow them, but they will be returned to the owner at a later date.

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